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Join the $87 billion fitness industry and become a part of the UFC GYM franchise community.

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The brand has grown rapidly since opening its first gym in 2009. Since then, over 150 gyms have been opened, 100 of which are franchises and another 800 are in the planning stages.

Today, UFC GYMs are successfully operated in 17 countries, with gyms planned in 20 more. Over the next ten years, the company plans to open more than 50 gyms in Germany. The majority are to be franchises.

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Be your own boss and fulfill your entrepreneurial goals with the frontrunner in fitness - UFC GYM. With worldwide brand recognition, versatile revenue streams and three different options to choose from, it just makes sense to be there, right?
UFC is a premium global sports brand with more than 284 million fans worldwide. With sold-out live events and worldwide exposure, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. The UFC brand is a powerhouse, enabling exceptional growth opportunities for each UFC GYM franchise.
With each of our models, we offer the opportunity to generate revenue from multiple sources. From membership to retail, from private coaching to nutritional supplements, we help you unlock opportunities to grow your revenue from year to year.
UFC GYM offers the full range of conditioning and technique-focused classes for groups, functional training, personal training, traditional martial arts coaching to fitness, youth and family classes - always in an environment that supports and motivates.
Choose one of our three franchising models that best fits your budget and business goals. We'll work with you to find the right fit for you between boutique studio and premium fitness facility.
Benefit from an established business model tailored to the German market. Our team will provide you with operational support right from the start of our partnership.
Large & growing industry
UFC GYM is part of the rapidly expanding health and fitness sector, where the growth potential is massive due to continued positive industry trends.

11,6 MIO

Members in Fitness Germany

5,51 BIL

Euro total turnover (net) in the German fitness industry


Employees in German fitness studios

Become the owner of your own franchise fitness club. UFC GYMs are fitness clubs that have gained popularity in dozens of countries thanks to UFC's global brand recognition, continued sales growth and three different club formats.
UFC GYM Fitness Club Formats
We offer three formats of franchise fitness clubs that can be operated in your city. You can either open a new club or rename the existing one. Our staff will help you find the most suitable format.

From 1700 SQM

Premium club with areas for group programs, modern equipment and additional services.

FROM 600 TO 1700 SQM

A premium fitness club offering a wide range of fitness training, personal coaching and classes for the whole family.

FROM 300 AND 600 SQM

Success-oriented training formats for groups. Class format enables easy market entry with low operational costs.

To ensure proper capitalization of the business, candidates must meet the minimum financial requirements established for opening a UFC GYM® franchise. A background check is required. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate that they have done their due diligence. Based on this, we determine if they can be successful in our franchise system. UFC GYM is not only looking for people who are successful in starting businesses, but those who know how to follow a manual, have some entrepreneurial spirit in them, and have a desire to contribute to their community.
It all starts with our Train Different® approach to fitness, which targets a diverse demographic. The UFC GYM franchise has developed a program within our clubs that includes functional training, conditioning and technique classes. Through our relationship with the UFC, we have access to the training, nutrition and exercise programs of UFC fighters. By closely analyzing these programs, we have developed MMA-style fitness programs that are accessible to UFC athletes. Even if there are competitors in our field that focus on a single mixed martial art or even mixed forms, they do not have the comprehensive access to these UFC athletes.
UFC GYM is planning extensive expansion in Germany over the next few years. There are many opportunities; numerous territories are available and once signed as a franchisee, our team will work closely with you to identify the best trading areas to develop your gym through demographic and market analysis.
The average time from the franchise agreement to the establishment of a new franchise company is 6-8 months.
It depends on how much time and effort a franchise partner can and wants to spend. Our team is ready to provide all the support necessary to help you open the club and keep operations running smoothly. At the appropriate time in the process, we also give qualified candidates the opportunity to interact with our existing franchise partners, who share their specific experiences. For more detailed information on financial results, please refer to the UFC GYM's Franchise Disclosure document.